New Zealand to switch in 2013

New Zealand is to begin the switch to digital television in 2013.

The extension of the digital terrestrial network will increase Freeview HD coverage from 75% of the population to about 87%.

"The launch of Freeview three years ago was the most significant broadcasting moment since the introduction of colour TV 30 years ago and since then we've grown swiftly, so much so that Freeview is now being enjoyed by viewers in more than a quarter of New Zealand homes (i.e. a total of 419,945 or 26.1 % of Kiwi households as at June 30th, 2010). Importantly, with Freeview and a one off purchase, all New Zealanders can continue to get great television for free ," says Sam Irvine, General Manager, Freeview.

"Today's announcement also means a further year of funding for Freeview, more efficient use of spectrum and the availability of new technologies, all of which will enable us to continue providing the Kiwi viewing public with a compelling free-to-air offer," he adds.

DTG Staff  |  16.09.2010

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