Scotland to go digital in May

Scotland will become a fully digital TV nation in 100 days, as analogue TV signals are switched off for good in the country.

The last analogue signals will be turned off from the Black Hill transmitter group on 22 June 2011, marking the completion of digital switchover. As a result, Freeview coverage will have increased to around 98% of Scottish households.

Central Scotland will begin the switch to digital on 11 May 2011. On this date the Darvel and Rosneath transmitters serving parts of central Scotland, Argyll and Bute Darvel and Rosneath respectively will lose the BBC Two analogue signal. Darvel and Rosneath will complete switchover on 25 May.

The Craigkelly transmitter serving Lothian, parts of Edinburgh and parts of Fife will complete the first stage of switchover on 1 June and complete on 15 June.

The Black Hill transmitter covering Glasgow, central Scotland and parts of Edinburgh will turn off BBC Two on 8 June 2011 and the region will go fully digital on 22 June.

DTG Staff  |  14.03.2011

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