Switchover begins in Nottingham

The first stage of switchover has been completed in the Central TV region.

The old BBC Two analogue service was switched off for good at the Nottingham transmitter on 30 March 2011. Any of the 74,000 viewers watching digital TV via an aerial (Freeview, Top Up TV or BT Vision) from the Nottingham transmitter will need to retune today to pick up channels which have moved to new frequencies.

The second and final stage of switchover takes place on 13 April 2011 when all remaining analogue

channels will be switched off permanently.

Viewers in Nottingham who are tuned to the Waltham transmitter near Melton Mowbray will not see

analogue channels turned off until 17 August 2011.

DTG Staff  |  30.03.2011

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