Virgin Media unveils TiVo iPad app

TiVo and Virgin Media are to launch an iPad companion app for their next generation connected TV offering.

The feature will be made available as part of the first major software update for the TiVo powered system on Virgin Media and will be rolled out, along with other new features to be announced, in the coming months.

The TiVo companion app will allow Virgin Media customers to use their Apple iPads to interact directly with their TiVo service and search across Virgin Media's content, including the TV Guide and video on demand library, while watching TV. Users can also view content they have discovered via their TiVo app on their TV.

Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment at Virgin Media said, "Partnering with TiVo has helped us develop the most advanced and flexible TV system in the UK ensuring our customers are able to enjoy the best connected television offering available in the market today. In less than a year since launch we are already building new features to offer our customers more ways to enjoy their service with an unprecedented user experience, and maintaining our position at forefront of technological innovation in TV. The companion app and other forthcoming enhancements we are working on form part of our long term strategy to deliver the most dynamic and user friendly multi-screen entertainment experience in the U.K."

Joshua Danovitz, VP & General Manager, International, TiVo Inc., said, "Through working with TiVo, Virgin Media has quickly implemented an award-winning user interface with TV's most innovative features and functionality, available anywhere in the U.K. With the initial rollout of Virgin Media: TiVo Service underway, it is already driving more measurable user satisfaction than any other hybrid television experience in the UK further demonstrating that TiVo continues to be the best way to watch television, bar none."

DTG Staff  |  09.09.2011

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