Denmark to trial digital radio with DVB-T2

Danish free-to-air broadcaster Open Channel has obtained a DVB-T2 trial licence to broadcast digital radio on a 1.7 MHz channel bandwidth (known as a T-DAB frequency) in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Open Channel believe DVB-T2 Lite, a subset of DVB-T2, will provide a 2.5 to 4 times increase in capacity compared to the DAB/DAB+ standard under the same broadcasting conditions and will be better suited for both indoor and in-car reception.

"When our 1.7 MHz trials start, we will use parameters from the common subset of the T2 Base and T2 Lite profiles. Once receivers for DVB-T2 Lite become available, we will change the signalling and start to investigate the full possibilities of T2-Lite", said Kenneth Wenzel, CEO of Open Channel and Project Manager of the field trials.

"Our DVB-T2 trial has generated a lot of interest, and many manufacturers have expressed interest in doing 1.7 MHz implementations in their iDTVs and STBs for our experiment. Digital handheld devices using DVB-T2 have even been discussed", added Kenneth Wenzel.

DTG Staff  |  19.09.2011

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