Sky broadcasts 3D Test Card

Sky has launched a 3D test card to help viewers get the best out of their 3D TV viewing experience. TV presenter Zoe Ball presents the new 3D Test Card, which broadcasts on the Sky 3D channel alongside a character called Mr 3D. The pair take viewers through a series of steps demonstrating how to set up a 3D television to get the optimal viewing experience.

Zoe explains how to set your aspect ratio, colours and contrast of the picture, through where to position your TV, setting the lighting in your living room and getting the right sound settings for your space.

Zoe Ball said: "A new era in TV needs a new test card, and who has time to read all the instructions? It's so much easier to watch a demonstration on the telly. This new 3D Test Card will help people set up their new 3DTVs to ensure they get the best seat in the house to indulge in the truly immersive experience that 3D offers."

Chris Johns, Sky's Chief Engineer who developed Sky's new 3D Test Card said: "This guide brings the test card into the 21st Century, using the latest 3D technology to make something which seems technically complicated, clear and simple—allowing you to get the best pictures from your HD 3D screen. Watching Zoe steer you through the tutorial, whether in the 2D or 3D version, gives the ultimate user-friendly guide to getting the best viewing experience from your 3DTV."

The 3D Test Card will air at 24.45 and repeat daily from 29th November on Sky 3D, channel 528. Sky 3D viewers can also record the test card using Sky+ to watch back whenever suits them. The test card will also be available via Sky Anytime and online.

DTG Staff  |  08.12.2011

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