TV retune for south Wales

Freeview viewers in parts of south Wales will need to retune their TV equipment on 23 January as local airwaves are cleared for the roll-out of 4G mobile broadband.

Technical changes at the Wenvoe transmitter will free up frequencies for the introduction of 4G. Between now and the end of 2013, similar upgrades will be made at a number of transmitters across the UK.

Some commercial TV services will be off-air overnight as channels including Film4, ITV4 and Yesterday are moved to new frequencies. Engineering work is expected to be completed by 6am and viewers can retune at any point after this.

Only homes receiving their TV from the main Wenvoe transmitter will need to retune. Similar changes will be carried out at some local relay transmitters later in March.

Digital UK is launching an information campaign to make viewers aware of the need to retune, including local advertising and messages on screen.

DTG Staff  |  09.01.2013

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