Humax STBs to carry Opera TV store

Humax is to launch the Opera TV Store on its new set-top boxes in 2013.

The HTML5-powered Opera TV Store offers web-based apps optimized to work on TV by adjusting to different screen sizes and resolutions. Apps available in the Store include Associate Press News, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Viewster and Vimeo.

"Apps play a key role in content discovery. With the Opera TV Store on Humax's new set-top boxes, you can discover lots of interesting and entertaining online content that has already been optimized for TV screens. This brings users a better internet experience on TV." said Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software.

Tae Hun Kim, head of the Business Division at Humax added: "Humax chose the Opera TV Store to deliver video-rich and graphics-rich online content through our set-top boxes and take the TV viewing experience to a new level."

DTG Staff  |  10.01.2013

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