UK companies showcase tech innovations at CES

This year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas played host to a raft of innovative new products and services from UK technology companies.

Amongst the range of display technologies at the show was Cambridge-based Plastic Logic's flexible plastic display concept. Examples include a real-time wristwatch, a companion epaper accessory for mobile phones and a paper tablet. The displays of varying sizes are not only thin, light and robust but can also be post-processed, allowing integration and embedding in non-flat surfaces.

Smartphone technology was a common theme at CES, one of the most innovative uses was demonstrated by Cambridge Consultants (CC) who unveiled the world's first wireless automatic gear-changing bicycle—controlled by smartphone technology. By taking advantage of electronic gear shifters, CC removed the cable between the handlebars and the back wheel in favour of a low-energy version of Bluetooth, which sends the signal to a smartphone app. CC anticipate various applications of the technology in different industries (not just heath and fitness).

Scottish start-up Sofant Technologies debuted its miniature antenna technology for smartphones and tablet PCs which it claims could make poor reception, dropped calls and short battery life things of the past. The SmartAntenna technology which recently won UK Trade & Investment's competition for "the world's next big thing", consumes 90% less energy than conventional antennae. Sofant aims to license its designs to global smart phone manufacturers and is projecting a turnover of over 10m pounds in year five.

Other innovations from the UK included ARMS's 'big little' architecture that Samsung have integrated into a 8-core mobile processor and the latest Golden-i headset computer from Ikanos Consulting allowing ready access to data, communications and other utilities.

DTG Staff  |  11.01.2013

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