Culture Minister Ed Vaizey announces DTG-led Dynamic Spectrum Access Group

The DTG has established an industry group to ensure that improvements in spectrum efficiency get brought into use quickly and effectively.

To ensure the efficient use of spectrum, intensive spectrum sharing needs to take place, using advanced technologies such as Dynamic Spectrum Access to avoid disruption of existing services. The UK Programme Group for Dynamic Spectrum Access (DSA) will facilitate discussion and infor-mation sharing on DSA as the TV white space regulatory framework develops. The Group will also offer assistance to Ofcom and Government in their task of providing an appropriate regulatory framework.

UK Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, Ed Vaizey MP, announced the new group at the opening of the Centre for White Space Communications at the University of Strathclyde. The Centre is a multi-disciplinary industry and academic initiative set up to investigate and undertake R&D on the use and impact of white space spectrum. The UK Programme Group for Dynamic Spectrum Access will operate alongside the new Centre to ensure that industry gets the full benefits from research advances.

Announcing the launch, Ed Vaizey MP said: "Industry is moving to a new level of co operation today with the launch of the UK Programme Group for Dynamic Spectrum Access led by the Digital TV Group to ensure industry gets the full use of innovating technologies."

"We as a government are very keen to progress new and innovating technologies that will drive the rural economy and increase rural broadband," added the Minister, "White space will underpin the next wave of innovation."

Richard Lindsay-Davies, Director-General of the DTG, added: "For nearly two decades the DTG has brought together all corners of the industry to ensure developments in digital television result in reliable and stable experiences for consumers.

"The DTG is expertly placed to facilitate improvements in spectrum efficiency in a way that protects both digital terrestrial TV services and viewers, with support from both Government and industry the UK Programme Group for Dynamic Spectrum Access will work to achieve this aim."

The Group would like to attract a broad membership of representatives from both manufacturers and service providers. Interested parties can contact Peter Sellar, Programme Manager, Digital TV Group, for information on how to join the Group.

DTG Staff  |  23.01.2013

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