Catch-up TV now accounts for a fifth of British TV viewing

The use of catch-up or on demand (VOD) television services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player now accounts for a fifth of the nation’s TV viewing according to the first-ever YouView census into national television habits for 2013.

It also found that in a typical week, the average Brit claims to record just under nine hours of TV each week and spends around six hours taking advantage of the ability to tune in to their favourite shows on demand.

And it seems the next generation’s on demand (VOD) viewing habits appear to be similar. Parents of under-16s, who were questioned as part of the survey, estimate their kids watch on average seven hours of catch-up per week.

The research also indicated that even for the over 55s catch-up still makes up 14% of their viewing time.

Alongside these figures, the study identified a host of key changes and trends in the habits of telly addicts when it comes to the different technologies available to them.

While three quarters (77%) of those questioned still use their main TV the most, the average home now has four different devices (including their main TV) on which they can watch TV, which is just over double the number they had five years ago. However, this rises to an average of six devices for the 18-24 year olds questioned.

The study of more than 2000 people, carried out by YouGov for on demand TV service YouView, also found that while the average home records around 10 programmes in a typical week, they delete four of those on average without watching them—with entertainment the mostly likely (36%) to be binned followed by films (32%) and documentaries (32%).

The research also found that across the country, alongside their TV, 57% of those questioned said they use their computer to watch television content, 14% do so through a games console like the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 and 25% access TV on a tablet with iPad and iPad mini the favourite at 19% vs. 6% for Android models.

DTG Staff  |  05.07.2013

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