Virgin Media reveals gaming portal for TiVo customers

Virgin Media announced the launch of a TV gaming portal, Play Games. Available to its TiVo customers, the portal presents a wide variety of games that can be played directly on the TV.

The portal allows players to save and track progress through games and automatically ranks the ones they most frequently play.

New games are scheduled to be launched over the coming months with current games including Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and Scooby's Creepy Cake Factory.

"The introduction of Play Games will give causal gaming a great new look on TiVo and the addition of extra games will add even more entertainment to what is the UK’s most advanced connected TV service. With 1.5 million households across the country already enjoying all that TiVo has to offer, we’re giving developers access to a whole new audience and the chance to bring new ideas and even more fun to home entertainment”, said Virgin Media’s Charlotte Reece.

DTG Staff  |  09.07.2013

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