Comux announces the launch of Local TV

Comux UK announced details of Local TV, the brand that will be the public face of the UK’s local television service.

The Local TV brand was officially launched at the Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival (GEITF), where conference attendees were able to talk to some of the local licence holders who will be delivering the service initially to 19 major cities. Local TV will be responsible for maximising awareness and providing information about local television stations and programming through the website

Local TV and the local television service is a government initiative that has been executed by Ofcom with oversight from the BBC Trust. D UK has allocated prominent channel numbers for local television; channel 8 on the Freeview TV guide in England and Northern Ireland, and provisionally channel 34 in Wales and Scotland. Alongside broadcasting on digital terrestrial TV, some of the local channels are planning carriage on satellite and cable TV, and online.

Ed Vaizey, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries in the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), commented: “This agreement marks a key stage in the development of local TV and we will soon see the first station begin broadcasting. The first station to hit the airwaves will launch an entirely new media industry in the UK. These stations are creating new jobs in our communications and creative industries, and providing people with a fresh way to be informed about their local communities.”

“Recently we announced contracts with all of our infrastructure partners and suppliers. We can now deliver the complete technical framework we promised to Ofcom and the 19 local licensees due to start broadcasting from this November. Today’s launch of the public-facing Local TV brand means that we can now start promoting the service to the public and ensure that it receives the audience it deserves,” said Ed Hall, Chief Executive at Comux.

DTG Staff  |  22.08.2013

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