A 2020 Vision for the BBC

A new report by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, based on an event funded by the BBC Trust was released last week and includes a "2020 Vision for the BBC".

Titled "Is there Still a Place for Public Service Television? Effects of the Changing Economics of Broadcasting" it includes the chapters:

  1. Economics and the Challenges of Broadcast Policy-Making
  2. Digitisation, Programme Quality and Public Service Broadcasting
  3. Television Wants to be Shared
  4. Regulating Broadcasting
  5. Why isn't Broadcasting just another Good or Service?
  6. Is Broadcasting just Another Good or Service?
  7. BBC: From Crowding Out to Dynamising In
  8. The Economics of Public Service Broadcasting: A Research Agenda
  9. A 2020 Vision for the BBC

DTG Staff  |  17.09.2013

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