Al Jazeera English to be available in HD to majority of UK households

Al Jazeera English will launch an HD service on the Freeview platform following the award of two new HD digital-terrestrial multiplexes in the 600MHz frequency band to transmission services provider Arqiva by Ofcom in July. The international current affairs and news channel is set to be available in HD to over 50% of UK viewers in time for Christmas.

The announcement follows that of the BBC who revealed that five new HD channels will be available by early 2014. Al Jazeera English is the first channel outside of the UK’s public service broadcasters to take HD capacity on the terrestrial platform Freeview. The international news channel is already available on DTT in standard definition and will now be leasing capacity on one of two HD multiplexes held by Arqiva.

Freeview reports that one-third of UK DTT households are able to view TV programmes in HD, while Analysts predict that by 2018 over 80% of UK households will be receiving HD channels.

“Our partnership with Arqiva lets us provide the highest quality journalism with the highest quality picture and technical standards. This means our viewers will have an even clearer picture of our in-depth eyewitness reporting from our 70 bureaus across the globe, and of our documentaries and programmes on the issues that matter to people in the UK,” said Al Anstey, Managing Director of Al Jazeera English.

DTG Staff  |  24.09.2013

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