BBC Trust reviews BBC children’s programming

A review by the BBC Trust has found that BBC children’s programming CBBC and CBeebies are performing well. The challenge for the channels will be to maintain the reach and impact while keeping up with children's changing media consumption habits, so the Trust. The BBC should also ensure it is serving children within the target audiences who feel they are too old or too young for the content on the two dedicated channels.

The BBC's services for children were reviewed by the Trust as part of its rolling programme examining each BBC service at least once every five years. This review looked at CBBC, CBeebies, and the BBC's radio and online content for children.

The review found that, as was the case with the Trust's last review of children's services in 2009, older children are less inclined to watch CBBC or CBeebies, and CBBC struggles to inherit younger viewers moving on from CBeebies. The Trust supports the BBC's plans to address these concerns, including commissioning more content for older children, and CBeebies and CBBC working together to provide a more joined-up offer.

"The challenge for the BBC is to keep pace with change and make sure it's providing programmes, information, apps and other content when and where children want and expect it – we're encouraged by the BBC's on-going work to tackle these challenges and we'll expect to see progress being made in the coming months," said BBC Trustee Alison Hastings.

On radio, the Trust supports the current scope of the BBC's provision for children through a daily programme on Radio 4 Extra, and CBeebies Radio via the CBeebies website, but has asked the BBC Executive to find more ways to promote these services and to provide an update on this within six months.

The Trust has also concluded that it would like to see the other BBC services across TV, radio and online do more to consider children as an audience for its mainstream output, and to continue to seek opportunities to include BBC Children's output as part of their own, such as the recent broadcast of CBBC's Wolfblood on BBC Three.

DTG Staff  |  25.09.2013

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