BBC Radio 1 to get own iPlayer channel

BBC Radio 1 is to take a step into a multimedia future by starting a video channel on BBC iPlayer.

Music fans will be able to watch performances and interviews which are not broadcast on the BBC’s traditional TV channels.

Videos filmed by Radio 1 have already made it the biggest radio station featured online and via YouTube, and it is hoped the move to BBC iPlayer will help reach even bigger audiences of young people.

The channel means that people will be able to catch up with Radio 1 on whichever screen they wish – TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone – at whatever time they want.

Content will range from music featured in Radio 1’s Live Lounge or at the annual Big Weekend festival, to interviews with major stars or popular online features such as Innuendo Bingo.

Ben Cooper, Controller of BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra, says: “I'm very excited about transforming Radio 1 from being just a radio station into being a full audio-visual channel. Radio 1 has always pioneered innovative ideas and led the way in engaging with young people and this is another huge step in cementing that reputation.”

DTG Staff  |  07.10.2013

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