Case strengthened for UHD as Huccio set to provide first 4k porn

Adult video provider Huccio has claimed to be the first such company to “the first to ever master all of our content in 4K and release it in 4K."

Toni Tsai, one of Huccio's creators, in an interview with Tech site Gizmodo, said “There seems to be some backlash online about how "gross" porn would look at 4k, but we big to differ. I will say that more care needs to be taken during the shooting and post process as you will inevitably see more details. Details do mean more flaws exposed but when done right, as we hope you see in our content, it can look amazing.”

Porn is often associated with the success of popular video formats and Tsai believes that the porn industry will definitely crossover to producing all their content in 4k as 4k equipment becomes cheaper.

“4k will become the norm sooner than most people think. Because we had a head start in shooting exclusively and mastering our content in 4k, our goal is create the biggest Ultra HD 4k erotica porn library for our subscribers,” Tsai added.

Huccio will start hosting the Ultra HD material, which it has accumulated over the last year, from 1st December 2013, with subscription and pay-per-view access options.

DTG Staff  |  18.10.2013

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