BBC iPlayer app hits 20 million downloads

The BBC has announced that its iPlayer app for iOS and Android mobile devices has been downloaded over 20 million times in total, as mobile and tablet TV viewing overtakes TV viewing on PC.

Christmas Day 2011 and 2012 marked the top days for app downloads, with 229,200 and 385,600 downloads respectively, when many smartphones and tablets were unwrapped and switched on for the first time.

BBC iPlayer has seen TV viewing on mobiles and tablets rocket over the past three years, as viewers increasingly take iPlayer on the go with them on their mobiles or catch their favourite TV on their tablets wherever they are. In September 2013, a record 70 million TV requests came from mobiles and tablets, compared to just 5 million in September 2010. And TV requests from mobile devices now make up 41 per cent of all iPlayer requests, compared with just 6 per cent three years ago. Last month, TV viewing on handheld devices continued to grow, with 70 million requests to stream or download programmes on mobiles and tablets.

Over the past two years, the BBC has seen some interesting trends emerge around iPlayer viewing. BBC iPlayer viewing peaks slightly later than broadcast TV – with audiences coming to iPlayer at 10pm, as many viewers switch to tablets to catch their favourite show in bed. And mobile viewing is popular again first thing in the morning, as viewers switch on their mobiles to make their daily commute more entertaining. BBC iPlayer viewing also increases at the weekend, boosted by increased daytime viewing as well as audiences not wanting to miss Saturday night favourites.

Dan Taylor, Head of BBC iPlayer for BBC Future Media says: “With over 20 million downloads of the app and record-breaking BBC iPlayer requests on handheld devices, we are thrilled that viewers are increasingly taking their favourite BBC shows with them to watch whenever and wherever they are. And with tablets the top of many people’s Christmas list for 2013, we expect this to continue to grow even further.”

DTG Staff  |  24.10.2013

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