DigiTAG holds DVBT2 workshop in Istanbul, Turkey

On Thursday 14th and Friday 15th November DigiTAG, the organisation which brings together all stakeholders involved in the launch, implementation and evolution of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), held a successful workshop for 160 delegates in Istanbul, Turkey.

The DigiTAG Workshop examined the dynamic TV market in Turkey and heard of the plans from local industry players, RTUK (Regulator), TRT (Public Broadcaster), Anten AS (Network Operator) and the commercial broadcasters associations TVYD and RATEM, to introduce DTT using the DVBT2 standard.

Despite the popularity of satellite and cable broadcasting in Turkey the government has recognised the potential for introducing a wide range of competitive products and services into the market and creating even more competition for the benefit of citizens. Recent trials in Ankara have set the foundation for their plans for eight UHF multiplexes and one VHF multiplex.

Taha Yucel, Deputy, President, RTUK said “Turkey is at a delicate phase of the launch of DTT, however this workshop has shown the positive developments in other markets. We must move forward as it is important that Turkey goes digital, there is no future for analogue and there is the possibility to make digital terrestrial television a success and we should take this opportunity. I am happy and pleased that this conference was held in Turkey and I hope this will continue to open the dialogue between the different stakeholders so that we can move the process forward”.

A broad range of speakers from the DigiTAG membership and beyond added value to the conference by sharing their experiences in markets where DVBT and DVBT2 have been established. Lessons learned included; having an interoperability testing environment, introducing interactive standards such as HbbTV, the importance of a detailed coverage maps, the flexibility possible with the DVBT2 standards showing how widely they have been used from mobile to multiple local regional services.

The need for a flexible environment where channels can be shuffled and multiplexes restructured in future as technology develops was also a key area for discussion.

Simon Fell Director of Technology and Innovation EBU and President DigiTAG said "It is exciting to see the broad range and diversity of DVBT2 deployments throughout the World. The DigiTAG Workshop in Istanbul is an ideal opportunity for members of DigiTAG and others to bring this experience together for Turkish colleagues who can benefit from the developments that have taken place elsewhere as they prepare for DVBT2 services throughout Turkey”.

DTG Staff  |  19.11.2013

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