Report: 24% of youths binge watch TV series

Consumer research company Voxburner has revealed its latest report, looking at the digital content habits of young people. The report showed that that a quarter (24%) of 16-24s download a TV series and binge watch entire seasons in one sitting, whilst 52% say they watch at least two episodes at a time.

Almost half of young people (44%) use paid for streaming services to watch or download films and tv programmes. Netflix is the most popular, with 38% of Gen Y consumers using the streaming service in the last month, whilst Blinkbox (22%), Lovefilm (8%) and Mubi (7%) are also used, so the report.

“The concept of watching one live episode of TV a week doesn’t exist to young people,” said Luke Mitchell, Head of Insight at Voxburner. “The switch to content on demand has changed behaviour and the idea of ‘binge watching’ entire seasons or multiple episodes at one time is becoming the norm. “There used to be a culture of waiting for the next episode and discussing it with your peers, but changing TV habits means that young people are consuming programmes at their own pace and often on their own.”

Further, the report asked young people about how interested they would be in paying for bonus content through streaming services, 15% of 16-24s say they would be interested and likely to buy, whilst 30% would be interested but unlikely to make a purchase. The report also stated that young people aren’t too concerned with not actually owning the content when it comes to TV or films – 37% are aware that they don’t own the content but are not worried, while 17% are concerned, and 31% haven’t really thought about whether they own the content or not.

DTG Staff  |  20.11.2013

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