Digital TV is 15 years old today

The UK was among the first countries in the world to launch digital terrestrial TV, which began broadcasting here on 15 November 1998.

The DTG are incredibly proud of the part that we and our members have played in making digital TV in the UK the success it is today.

In fact the DTG itself was set up 18 years ago by a group of broadcasters and manufacturers as a centre for collaboration and expertise to ensure all viewers could enjoy a consistent, quality digital terrestrial television service.

This unique membership of over 130 organisations has been responsible for many landmarks in UK terrestrial broadcasting, including

  • The D-Book: the technical specifications for Freeview and Freeview HD, the most popular platform in the UK and generally regarded as world-leading
  • Digital Switchover:- the DTG was instrumental in the UK's move to digital TV, with the D-Book specifications and DTG Testing, its wholly-owned subsidiary, underpinning the switchover certification mark (the digital tick)
  • High Definition: D-Book 6 represented another step forward, providing the interoperability specification behind the launch of HD services on Freeview, powered by the new DVB-T2 modulation standard
  • Interoperability and co-existence: DTG Testing, the ISO17025 accredited digital TV test centre, provides benchmark test and conformance services for the Freeview and Freesat services and international platforms, and has ensured the coexistence of the new 4G services with terrestrial broadcast.

And it won't stop there. UK digital TV services are rightly regarded as world-leading and the service and technology landscape is changing fast.

The DTG are working to define the next step-change in viewing experience, Ultra HD, with its recently launched DTG UK UHD Forum. We're also helping the UK to drive full value from the broadcast spectrum while ensuring the 19.2 million TV homes (75 per cent) in the UK can continue to enjoy digital TV via their aerial.

We are also proud supporters of the Future of Innovation in Television Technology (FITT) Taskforce, a cross-industry, Government-backed taskforce working to ensure the UK remains at the forefront of digital innovation.

DTG Staff  |  15.11.2013

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