Siano launches receiver chip for DVB-T2

Supplier of mobile broadcast DTV solutions Siano has announced the launch of a new receiver chip designed exclusively for automotive and mobile consumer electronics applications. Similar to previous Siano chip solutions, the SMS4470 combines an RF tuner with a channel decoding processor, optimized for automotive and mobile devices.

In addition to supporting DVB-T2 technology, the chip supports the legacy DVB-T format deployed in Europe, the Middle East and select regions in South East Asia, as well as ISDB-T, deployed in Japan and Latin America. Further, the SMS4470 supports a range of digital radio formats, including DAB+, DRM+, and the legacy FM radio. Samples of the SMS4470 are already available to select Siano partners and exhibit superior performance of DVB-T2 reception.

DVB-T2 offers higher spectrum utilization and improved overall performance than previous technologies. DVB-T2 is already deployed in Russia, India, South Africa, and Thailand, as well as several other APAC countries, and is expected to gradually replace DVB-T all over Europe and the Middle East.

Designed for use in Europe, Japan, South America, Africa, the Middle East and APAC, the SMS4470 provides best-in-class sensitivity, mobility and immunity to long-echo interference, and supports up to 4-way MRC diversity, addressing the extreme requirements of automotive applications. Other advanced features include dynamic background scan across various broadcasting standards.

DTG Staff  |  17.12.2013

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