BARB signs agreement with Experian

BARB has announced a new agreement with global information services group Experian that enables its customers to analyse potential TV channel splits and schedule choices by Mosaic geodemographic groups.

Mosaic uses more than 340 demographic, lifestyle and behavioural variables to determine its groups and has been a trusted source of targeting for many years. This means that media planners will be able to examine how their clients' television advertising campaigns perform among the Mosaic lifestyle groups and gives further insight into programme profiles.

TV planners and brand managers are constantly looking for different ways to determine the most effective channel, daypart, or programme options. Combined with BARB, the Mosaic classification system gives planners an additional predictor of viewers' lifestyles and how they spend their money. It is also another tool for broadcasters to demonstrate the nature of their audiences in a way that goes beyond traditional demographic descriptors, said BARB.

Justin Sampson, Chief Executive, BARB, said: "BARB continues to evolve. Adding Mosaic data brings more vibrancy and value to the data we provide to our customers. The BARB panel will continue to be the bedrock of our measurement as it enables real insight into who is watching and how they watch. Augmenting the relevancy of the panel through initiatives like this is important while we plan for the integration of machine-generated data."

DTG Staff  |  19.12.2013

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