Quantum Data announce availability of HDMI 2.0 Video Generator module

Quantum Data, a worldwide provider of video test equipment, has announced the availability of a new HDMI module for its 980B Advanced Test Platform. The new HDMI 2.0 Video Generator module supports video and audio functional testing of HDMI 2.0 sink devices at TMDS characters rates up to 600MHz. This includes testing HDMI 2.0 ultra-high definition HDMI 2.0 HDTVs with 4K x 2K resolutions running at 60Hz frame rates.

The 980 HDMI 2.0 Video Generator module offers over 600 standard video timings and 300 test patterns necessary for testing HDTVs. The module has an LPCM sine wave audio generator which can be configured to output a user defined sampling rate, bit depth, amplitude and frequency.

The 980 HDMI 2.0 Video Generator module offers a variety of features for testing HDMI protocols. The contents of the EDID of a connected HDMI 2.0 sink are decoded and can be examined in human readable text. The HDCP verification utility enables developers to verify a sink’s response to HDCP authentication. The SCDC Decode feature supports viewing the current register settings of the SCDC.

The optional Quantum Data Auxiliary Channel Analyzer (ACA) application enables monitoring of EDID exchanges, HDCP authentication transactions and SCDC register status between the module and a connected HDMI 2.0 sink device. The DDC traces can be monitored in real time through the 980B’s embedded touch display and the files can be saved for later viewing or shared with colleagues at other locations.

DTG Staff  |  19.12.2013

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