Netflix will be streaming House of Cards Season 2 in 4k

Video-on-demand streaming service Netflix has confirmed that it will be offering Season 2 of its highly acclaimed original series House of Cards in 4k.

In an interview with online gadget magazine, Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt revealed that Netflix will stream 4k video through embedded players in 4k capable TVs. Hunt hinted that Netflix also knew of several manufacturers who will be announcing 4k TVs at CES in January 2014.

Speaking to, Hunt also said: "We're pushing forward with new encoding technology –we'll be using H.265, which is colloquially known as HEVC, instead of AVC H.264. We think with that we're going to be delivering in the 10-16Mbps range – about 15Mbps is probably what we should think of."

Consumers will have to wait if they want to stream Netflix in 4k through their game consoles. "The new game consoles may eventually be 4k-capable," said Hunt to, "but the ability to take 4K out of the box and drop it into a separate television is lacking some standards and HDMI 2.0 […] right now we're talking about 4K Netflix built into the smart TV."

House of Cards Season 2 is an important strategic move for Netflix aimed at building up its library of 4k content. "We're working specifically with David Fincher on House of Cards season 2, and that's all being shot and edited for 4k delivery," commented Hunt in the interview. "There will be some additional pieces, but initially it'll be a set of sample offerings, not a big part of the catalogue."

DTG Staff  |  19.12.2013

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