Dolby unveils its new "Dolby Vision"

Dolby announced its new imaging technology "Dolby Vision" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Dolby Vision helps content creators and television manufacturers deliver true-to-life brightness, colours and contrast by augmenting the fidelity of Ultra-HD (UHD) and HD video signals for over-the-top (OTT) online streaming, broadcast and gaming applications.

Even though most TV shows and movies are recorded using camera technology that captures the colours and brightness of real life, much of that richness is lost by the time consumers get to watch it. That's because current TV and cinema colour-grading standards are based on the limitations of old technologies and require that the original video content be altered (dramatically reducing the range of colours, brightness, and contrast) before it can be reproduced for transmission and playback. Dolby Vision changes that, giving creative teams the freedom to use the full gamut of colours, peak brightness, and local contrast, with the confidence that those will be reproduced faithfully on televisions that feature Dolby Vision.

Ecosystem partners for movies and television shows in Dolby Vision are currently expected to include Microsoft XBox Video, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix and the U.S. movie streaming service, VUDU.

Televisions manufactured with Dolby Vision from Sharp and TCL are expected to retail later this year. Hao E, VP of TCL Corporation and CEO, TCL Media said "by dramatically enhancing picture quality, Dolby Vision will drive adoption of UHD 4K displays with a winning combination of more and better pixels."

Dolby Vision highlights the ongoing belief that 4K will need to be much more than pixels; for more information on the Digital TV Group's UK UHD Forum, please visit:

DTG Staff  |  07.01.2014

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