Tablets overtake PC viewing for BBC iPlayer

The BBC released viewing numbers for iPlayer over Christmas 2013 this week via Dan Taylor’s blog. Taylor who’s head of BBC iPlayer reported that there were 102 million requests for TV and radio programmes between 21st December and 1st January and that for the first time ever, tablet viewing trumped PC viewing; precisely 80 million for TV and 22 million for radio.

iPlayer proved to be most in demand on New Year’s day 2014 with nearly 11 million requests for programmes in a day (excluding iPlayer data from Virgin Media so far).

The iPlayer mobile and tablet apps were downloaded a total of 941,000 times over the Christmas period. “2013 truly proved to be the year of the tablet and after they were all unwrapped, Boxing Day saw tablet viewing overtake computer viewing for the first time in iPlayer history,” said Taylor in his post.

DTG Staff  |  08.01.2014

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