UKTV reports year-end viewing boost

UKTV has raised its audience share to deliver record ratings in 2013, an official end-of-year BARB data report states.

The report says that UKTV achieved an average share of 4.67% across 2013, up 5% on 2012's numbers, and saw its SOCI grow, delivering a share of over 8.2%, building on 2012's record figure.

Viewing numbers for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day also viewing increased by 86% (year-on –year) across all of UKTV’s VOD platforms.

“UKTV has enjoyed three successive years of viewership growth and achieving over 8.2% of all commercial impacts in the UK last year puts our business at terrestrial levels of viewership, reaching 42 million viewers every month. Audiences are rewarding UKTV’s compelling and creative programmes and brands with record ratings. This is fantastic news for our platform partners and for advertisers,” said UKTV Chief Executive, Darren Childs.

DTG Staff  |  09.01.2014

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