Ofcom publishes list of applications for local TV licenses

Ofcom has published a list of applications for licences to run local TV channels in the UK, as part of the second phase of licensing for local channels.

The advertised licences are available in 11 areas and Ofcom has received 7 applications to run local services. All licences will be awarded by beauty contest under the criteria set out in statute. This follows powers and duties given to Ofcom by Parliament in 2011 to license new local TV services.

Ofcom has already awarded licences to 23 local TV channels as part of the licensing process. The second phase focuses on areas that the local multiplex licensee, Comux UK, has committed to build out to as part of its licence application.

A list of applications to run the local TV channels is available on the Ofcom website.

DTG Staff  |  10.01.2014

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