Ofcom publish Consumer Experience Report 2013

The UK communications regulator, Ofcom, today published its eighth annual Consumer Experience Report.

The report discusses the results of their research programme, which measures how well consumers have fared over the past year in their use of these services.

It covers the following areas:

  • Changing use of communications—overview of the key changes occurring across the communications markets and the postal sector;
  • Consumer segmentation—overview of recent research designed to segment consumers in the communications market according to their attitudes towards, and engagement with, communications technology and services;
  • Availability of services and providers—details the range of options and coverage of providers and services; e.g. 3G mobile and superfast broadband;
  • Take-up of services and devices—demographic analysis of what services and devices consumers have, and consumers’ use of postal services;
  • Consumer choice and value—with a focus on purchasing and pricing, this research covers how consumers are choosing to purchase the services they have, how these are changing (e.g. bundles, contracts) how UK prices have changed over time and how they compare internationally;
  • Consumer interest and activity—provides the latest update on consumer participation including switching levels, ease of switching across the communications markets, and satisfaction with current services and providers; and,
  • Consumer protection—highlights the latest consumer protection issues and where there may be a need for intervention. This report has been published alongside Ofcom’s Consumer Experience Policy Evaluation, which considers the key findings and trends emerging from the research and uses these to assess the impact of Ofcom’s policy work and activities.

DTG Staff  |  28.01.2014

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