BBC iPlayer receives 10.2m daily requests in January

The BBC has revealed that its TV drama Sherlock has helped BBC iPlayer to a record number of programme requests in January 2014—the biggest month ever for BBC iPlayer with over 315 million TV and Radio requests, breaking the 300 million barrier for the first time since the launch of the VOD service.

January saw an average of 10.2m daily requests, the highest ever seen.

The new series of Sherlock was particularly popular on BBC iPlayer in the New Year with episode one generating over 3.6 million requests, making it the third most requested programme of all time.

For radio, The Unbelievable Truth and Premier League football were very popular in January, along with the Australian Open and The Now Show.

With so many tablets and mobiles being gifted at Christmas, the number of requests via mobiles and tablets accounted for 40 per cent of all requests, a total of 127 million overall.

DTG Staff  |  19.02.2014

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