Motive Television sets tablet TV targets for 2014

Motive Television, in its general business update, has announced that it expects to launch a UK table service that provides the full Freeview viewing and “red button” experience by June 2014, available to over 20 million tablet owners in the UK.

Motive plans to achieve this in corporation with the company’s hardware partners iCube, makers of the TVizen tuner-antennas.

Further, Motive revealed that it plans to roll out its Tablet TV model internationally with media partners in each country. Tablet Television, so Motive, has appeal anywhere that digital terrestrial broadcasting becomes a reality and tablet ownership is expected to top 900 million worldwide by 2017.

Tablet Television in the United States is on track for product and market testing in Spring 2014 once the specified hardware is delivered, leading to consumer trials and an expected full-scale commercial launch at the beginning of September 2014. Until then, Tablet Television LLC will be completing its marketing, content, and consumer service planning and recruiting additional broadcasters to expand the distribution network from Granite’s markets, said Motive.

Motive anticipates strong consumer interest among the 140 million tablet users in the United States (which is predicted to grow to over 400 million within five years) and will receive licence fees and a share of profits from its joint venture with Granite.

Furthermore, Motive recently announced that the Company joined the HbbTV Consortium, an industry alliance of broadcasters, broadband providers, and consumer electronics companies to standardize the delivery of services to hybrid devices, for the purpose of becoming part of these standards, as well as opening up a new market by partnering with Castalia Communications to offer a combined technology and content package for Video on Demand and Tablet TV to Latin American broadcasters and satellite pay television (DTH) operators. Latin America is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing areas for new television services, the statement said.

DTG Staff  |  19.02.2014

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