BBC and Sky agree on retransmission fees

The BBC and pay-TV operator Sky have reached an agreement over the payment of retransmission fees, which will be saving the BBC £4.5 million a year in licence money.

The agreement sees Sky waiving the cost of running certain services, such as the inclusion of the correct regional programme in its programme guide, and confirming the long term distribution of both the BBC channels and BBC iPlayer on the Sky platform.

Previously, all four broadcasters with public service responsibilities, namely the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, paid fees to be included in Sky’s EPG. In early 2014, ITV successfully negotiated with Sky for a fee reduction of £2 million a year as part of the carriage agreement for the newly created pay-TV channel ITV Encore.

In a joint statement the two broadcasters said:”Sky and the BBC have reached an agreement which reduces the BBC’s payments for platform services to zero. Alongside this, both parties have reached an agreement that secures the long-term availability of BBC channels and the BBC iPlayer on the Sky platform. We will also continue to discuss opportunities that offer Sky customers new and innovative ways to discover and consume BBC content.”

DTG Staff  |  03.03.2014

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