BBC Three to become an online only channel

The BBC has announced BBC Three, one of the corporation's first digital channels, is to become an exclusively online channel accessible only via its iPlayer service.

BBC Three officially launched in 2003, although it initially began life in 1998 as BBC Choice—the first BBC channel to air exclusively on the digital spectrum.

BBC Choice contained a range of programming aimed at a mixed audience—from repeats of Monty Python to the entertainment magazine Liquid News. However when it came to be re-branded, it was decided its successor would target young adults.

BBC Three began broadcasting on 9 February 2003, 11 months later than planned. Its first night's output, part of which was broadcast simultaneously on BBC Two, featured the first episode of Little Britain.

Some commentators have called it the end of an era; others have called it the beginning of one.

DTG Staff  |  06.03.2014

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