'TV Everywhere' services boom in the US market

According to figures from the Adobe Digital Index, in the US Digital Video Benchmark, the first quarter of 2014 shows a year-over-year growth of 246%.

With OTT devices measured including the Xbox One and PS4 and access points like Apple TV and Chromecast, these numbers aren't surprising seeing as there is so much opportunity for consumers to watch television content wherever they want.

The usage of Smartphones to watch content was seen at a growth of 48% and the use of tablets grew 16%.

This does, however, look slightly different in the UK. While us Brit's do watch content online, the growth of this kind of viewing hasn't grown by much since last year, let alone by over 200%! Our live broadcast TV viewing still makes up 76% of all viewing in the UK.

When asked, 90% of people still said that they watched live broadcast TV (although this is down 1%) even if OTT is still part of their content consumption. On demand services via our set-top boxes are up 2%, Online Video on Demand usage is up 4% and online catch up is up 1%.

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Will we move towards these numbers of OTT viewing from the US, or do you think we will continue to watch live broadcast TV?

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DTG Staff  |  06.06.2014

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