Digital Communications make the UK Europe's most desirable country for business expansion

BT have published some results of a survey which have revealed the top countries in the world which are deemed 'desirable for expansion' for businesses.

The United States was the most desirable at 33% closely followed by the UK at 30%. Then came China (29%) Hong Kong (27%) and Germany (26%.) These results were based on ranking of potential customer base and the average affluence and disposable income of the country's citizens.

60% of respondents said the quality of Digital and communications infrastructure makes the UK a great please for business development.

Crispin Simon, CEO of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI,) said: “The UK has always thrived on openness and we realise that the welcome we extend to those who invest here is critical to securing our country's long term future.”

91% of businesses say that if a country is a “digital-first” economy then this is of “great help” when expanding into it.

What do you think? Will we see more businesses expanding into the UK and what could that bring to the UK TV and creative industries?

DTG Staff  |  10.06.2014

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