TV Sales will account for half of the £355 million boost for retailers

As the world cup kicks off in Brazil, retailers in the UK are set for a nice boost to their bank balance as a Mintel report predicts a £355 million increase in revenue.

Making up half of this, at nearly £170 million, World-Cup driven sales will be primarily new television sets purchased on the high street.

Retailers Argos and Homebase have said they have seen a significant boost in Television Sales with John Walden, Chief Executive of the group which owns the brands saying that "...the further England go in the competition the better we expect to do.”

Manufacturers and DTG members LG, Samsung and Sony have both also seen a boost in sales; Sony announcing that they have seen a 30% increase in TV Sales against last year. Sony have also noted an increase in 4k television sets.

So as with every World Cup, it's clear that huge boosts in the economy are to be expected and in case you were wondering, alcoholic drinks will be the next best selling item during the tournament.

DTG Staff  |  13.06.2014

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