Digital TV Channels spend £2.6bn on production

According to numbers from COBA, the industry group for digital pay TV channels, its members spent a combined £2.6 billion on programming in 2013, an increase of £234 million from 2012 numbers.

The UK channels of broadcasters including DTG members Disney, Sony, and BskyB (among others) make up the £2.6 billion figures for content spend in 2013; £597 million was spent on first-run programming, £124 on secondary rights to UK content and £625 million on UK-originated shows.

One third of this total is spent on programming from indie producers and two thirds on smaller producers.

"This is the highest recorded level of investment in UK content from COBA members and demonstrates our commitment to the sector,” said Dee Forbes, COBA chair.

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DTG Staff  |  19.06.2014

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