BBC to continue 4k trials at Commonwealth Games

Similar to the UHD over DTT trials for three world cup games, the BBC, alongside BT and Arqiva, have announced they will be trialing 4k content from the commonwealth games. This time the research & development trial will be broadcast to a public screening, giving people the opportunity to see the very first live UHD broadcast of a Commonwealth Games.

The UHD broadcast will be the first to be distributed over Internet Protocol (IP) converging broadcast and IT technology. This new broadcasting system is BBC R&D's vision in order to increase speed and ubiquity of internet networks.

BBC R&D have said they are working with partners to show that this new broadcasting system can deliver benefits to both industry and consumers including;

-More flexible ways of working – particularly for live events as broadcasters can effectively move their entire production facilities to a central location, sending only the critical staff needed to capture complex live outside broadcasts

-Increasing output – with central production facilities broadcasters can increase on-the-ground operations using a fraction of the man power—and at a fraction of the cost—currently required to scale up large multi-camera productions, such as major sporting events and music festivals

-New forms of content – IP technologies allow even more production data and metadata to be sent alongside video and audio feeds. New forms of content could take advantage of this information to provide richer, more interactive and more personal ways of telling stories to audiences. The Augmented Video Player is one example of this.

Matthew Postgate, Controller of BBC R&D said: "We’re opening up a world of possibilities to programme makers and the wider industry. Not only could BBC R&D’s vision for a new broadcasting system help producers create programmes more efficiently and cost-effectively, but it allows them to take advantage of data like never before, offering new editorial options and ways of improving the experience for audiences."

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DTG Staff  |  26.06.2014

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