Dolby Atmos coming to home theatres

Since launching Dolby Atmos in 2012, DTG Members Dolby are announced that thanks to Atmos-enabled speakers, the surround sound format will be right at home in your living room.

The format which has been installed in a number of cinema systems enables viewers to be immersed in the sound and has been used on feature films like Gravity, Frozen and The Hobbit. Atmos can support up to 64 separate speakers (much higher than the current top-end format, Dolby TrueHD, which only supports 8) and delivers over the head sound using a number of channels and speakers.

Dolby have announced that while ceiling speakers are common place in Atmos installed cinemas, there will be 'Atmos-enabled speaker modules' which will attach to existing speakers allowing overhead effects without having to install extra speakers.

A number of manufacturers including Denon and Pioneer have all announced high-end Atmos-compatible AV receivers but Dolby says existing players will support new Dolby Atmos soundtracks. Compatible movies will be coming out this Authumn in Blu-ray and streaming formats.

We're certainly excited about the chance to have cinema effect sound and quality in our living rooms, what do you think? Send us your thoughts via Twitter @DigitalTVGroup

DTG Staff  |  26.06.2014

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