Wuaki.TV to launch in France, Germany and Italy

Film and TV streaming service, Wuaki.TV will be launching their VoD service in France this summer and in Germany and Italy by the end of 2014.

Wuaki.TV has been available in Spain and the UK since 1010 and 2013 respectively and will be joined by the new territories in a move which marks the company's expansion which will see the service available in 11 European countries by the end of 2015.

Wuaki.tv offers on-demand movies and TV shows for rental and purchase on connected reception devices including TV sets, smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and games consoles. In mid-2012, having attracted over 1.3 million users, the OTT service was acquired by the Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten.

Wuaki.tv’s catalogue contains content from Hollywood studios including Warner Bros., Disney, HBO, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment as well as UK distributors such as the BBC and ITV.

DTG Staff  |  02.07.2014

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