Eutelsat sets out a unique satellite deal with ViaSat

Eutelsat has entered into an agreement with Viasat to link high-capacity Ka-band satellite networks. Within this agreement, both parties will have service access and roaming on each others high-capacity satellite networks, KA-SAT for Eutelsat and ViaSat-1 for ViaSat.

The two companies networks, which represent well over half of all Ka-band capacity on orbit worldwide, share the same satellite ecosystem which is enabled by the ViaSat broadband System, along with other ground infrastructure owned and operated by both Eutelsat and ViaSat. The resulting area is a high capacity service which will span N. America, Europe and the Mediterranean Basin.

Customers will be able to operate an array of fixed and mobile services including in-flight connectivity, maritime, emergency relief, oil and gas operations and government applications anywhere within the combined coverage areas.

The agreement includes provisions for future satellites and follow-on technologies as they complement current Eutelsat and ViaSat High Throughput Satellites.

Mark Dankberg, ViaSat chairman and CEO, said: “This formalises another step towards covering the high traffic areas of the world with the fastest, most affordable mobile broadband satellite connectivity.

Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat chairman and CEO, added: "We believe this feature will be a real plus for companies providing mobile services and who need to move around user equipment from region to region.”

DTG Staff  |  03.07.2014

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