TV has conquered the internet

Speaking at the 'Big Event' run by Thinkbox, Peter Fincham, director of television for DTG Members ITV claims those who predicted that the digital world would kill off TV viewing were wrong. He says there is a strong appetite for quality shows.

He said that 'TV has conquered the internet.' While some predictions might have said a few years ago that the internet was going to make televisions and linear programming redundant, the opposite has happened and catch-up and OTT streaming services have just complimented the great productions and our Pay-TV and Free-to-Air channels that traditional broadcast can provide.

Fincham left the BBC a few years ago and said of that time: "The prevalent feeling in the BBC was that the internet will conquer channels and those running channels were doing something quaint and old fashioned that will pass into history [...] but the opposite has happened.

Five years ago on a train you would see newspapers and books. Now it is row after row of screens. Laptops and tablets. People go onto the internet to watch audio and visual programming. That has got to be good news. That is the stuff we do."

The real issue is not that the internet will take over but how broadcasters and TV production companies adapt to the digital world to make productions that are relevant in this new environment. Are they making shows which are easily digested on a packed commuters tube; are they providing an adequate enough catch-up service that isn't going to out of favour quickly.

This kind of thinking is just what we are looking at at the DTG with both out Connected TV discussions and in the Mobile Video Alliance. We want to hear from you, our members and followers on what you think should be the next steps to ensure longevity in our traditional broadcast services.

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DTG Staff  |  03.07.2014

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