IPTV subscriptions hit 100 million

According to new statistics from Point Topic research firm, global subscribers to IPTV services has topped 100 million for the firs time in the first quarter of this year.

In those three months, the firm said that there were 4.6 million new IPTV subscriptions bringing the total to 100.9 million, representing a 4.8% growth, matching that of 2013.

Point Topic said: “Eastern Europe reported the highest level of IPTV growth in Q1 2014 with net additions of 0.63m resulting in growth of 11.6%” and the East Asian IPTV market grew by 5.7% adding 2.58 million new subscriptions.

The top ten IPTV countries for Q1 2014 remained “broadly static,” according to the research. China led with 32.7 million subscribers, followed by France with 14.8 million, the US with 12.3 million, South Korea with 9.1 million and Japan with 4.5 million.

These are some greatly supportive numbers of the IPTV usage worldwide, but what do you think? It comes just the other side of the weekend after Peter Fincham, ITV said that 'TV has conquered the Internet.'

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DTG Staff  |  07.07.2014

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