Ofcom requests views on speaking EPGs

Following a round-table discussion on the use of EPGs by visually-impaired viewers that was held earlier this year, regulatory body Ofcom have published a call for input from users. This is an invitation for views from all those interested, in particular;

-People with visual impairments would be able to make more use of EPGs if they could read out information on request. We’d be particularly interested in hearing from people who have used speaking EPGs;


-It would be feasible for the providers of the UK’s most popular TV services – in the case of pay TV services such as Sky, Virgin, Talk Talk and BT TV, by incorporating this facility in to the next generation of their set top boxes; in the case of Freeview and Freesat, by requiring manufacturers to incorporate speaking EPGs in retail equipment as a condition of using brands such as YouView, Freeview Connect, and Freetime.

The input given will then be used when Ofcom decide whether or not they are to change their guidance to EPG providers on the features they should make available for people with visual impairments who use their programme guides.

The best way to take part in this call for input is to use the link to the right hand side and respond via the Ofcom website, or by phone or post; details of which are on the Ofcom site.

Alternatively there is also an audio version in the link to the right.

Please feel free to forward this information to colleagues who might be interested.

DTG Staff  |  10.07.2014

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