More than 3,000 on demand services available in Europe

A report backed by the European Commission shows that as of February of this year, there were 3,088 on demand services available to users in the European Union with the UK, France and Germany providing the greatest number of services.

These are categorised into catch-up services (1,104 services available), branded channels of broadcasters on open platforms (711 services available) and VOD film services of which there are 409 services listed.

In 2013, developments in VOD services were characterised by the increasing importance of connected mobile devices and their importance in video consumption which has been seen in a rise and expansion of OTT players like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Google.

In the UK market, we have the most services available to us with 682 services listed. Does this mean we are a nation of OTT-heavy consumers? What do you think? Send us your thoughts via Twitter @DigitalTVGroup

DTG Staff  |  15.07.2014

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