UKs digital skills development gets a bolster from investment

£29.5 million of public and private investment is to be used for employers to invest in skills and training that's much needed for growth.

David Willetts, former Minister of State for Universities and Science announced last week that £18 million of Government support, alongside £11.5 million of private investment is to drive the nation's digital skills development, which will in turn create new education and skills opportunities.

The Tech Partnership has been successful in bidding into the Government's Employer Ownership of Skills Pilot fund (EOP) which is combining money from business and the Government to help employers invest in the skills and training they need for growth.

The Tech Partnership is lead by CEOs of major companies in the tech industry including BT, Telefonica, Cisco and IBM, amongst others, as well as heads of technology from companies across the economy – will take responsibility for digital skills as the Industrial Partnership for the Information Economy. The Tech Partnership is supported by, and taking forward, the work of e-skills UK.

Co-Chair of the Information Economy Council Victor Chavez said "this is an important landmark in what is a long term challenge to re-build the digital skills base in the UK. Crucially this is an employer led initiative focusing on the real needs of the industry. Young people, parents and anyone looking for exciting job opportunities should take note. This is a sector that is creating jobs and will continue to do so. This is a great example of industry and government working together to address a long term strategic need in our sector."

DTG Staff  |  15.07.2014

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