Sky unveils a 'world-class' multinational pay-TV scheme

It was revealed today that DTG members BSkyB are to pay £4.9bn to buy pay TV companies in both Germany and Itlay to create a 'world-class multinational pay-TV business.

As part of their annual report, which shows pre-tax profits of £1.2bn, BSkyB has announced that it is to buy 21st Century Fox's interest in Sky Italia and Sky Germany of which they own 100% and 57% respectively.

This comes at the same time as 21st Century Fox tries to purchase media giant Time Warner.

BSkyB currently broadcasts to 10 million homes in the UK and a combination with Sky Europe would double this to 20 million. As part of their report, the company says that the new structure should save £200m by the end of the second financial year.

What do you think of this news? Will this make a difference to our Sky services or not?

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DTG Staff  |  25.07.2014

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