Spectrum debate threatens World Cup and Eurovision Song Contest

In an exclusive interview with EurActiv, Simon Fell, Director of Technology and Innovation for the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said that the change in radio frequencies for mobile operators could hit major spectacles like the Eurovision Song Contest and the World Cup.

As part of Pascal Lamy's high level group on the future use of UHF spectrum for TV and wireless broadband, Fell said that a report can be expected which will be strategic advice to the Commission on the future use of the UHF band in the EU. He hopes this could provide guidance for regulators across the continent who attend such meetings as the World Radiocommunications Congress.

When asked what impact the spectrum debate could have on Europeans, Fell replied;

At the last WRC, the mobile industry proposed that 700MHz spectrum (692MHz-about 790MHz) would be allocated for co-primary use. That means that after the WRC-15 Conference, administrations can decide whether to assign such spectrum for mobile services or to maintain free to air broadcast television services. At present UHF Spectrum is actively shared between broadcast television services interleaved with PMSE—radio microphones, occasional use microphones and radio services around special events like major sporting events, major theatre events, outdoor concerts and festivals.

The interview makes some great points for consideration when interested parties discuss 700MHz clearance.

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DTG Staff  |  01.08.2014

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